Acupuncture during Pregnancy



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I have a lot of women who come in to see me on or after their due date wanting to be induced with acupuncture. And even though acupuncture is a great alternative to a medical induction there is also so much more that we can do throughout pregnancy to help ease discomfort and promote balance. In the third trimester, even if you’re having a healthy pregnancy, you can still come in for 3 or 4 treatments before your due date. By balancing and stimulating the pathways that are active during labor we can help to ensure a smoother, easier natural birth. We can prepare you and the baby for this new and exciting journey. If baby is in the incorrect position, specific acupuncture points can help move baby head down and there are even points to ease back pain, pelvic pain and shoulder pain. Acupuncture can also help ease high blood pressure and allow you to sleep better. In the first and second trimester acupuncture can be used to avoid miscarriage, ease nausea and help with energy. In pregnancy, when there are so little supplements and other support that has been deemed safe for use, acupuncture is a great safe, support system.

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