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You are in the here and now, while your mind is in the future. This creates an anxiety gap. You can always cope with the present moment but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection-you cannot cope with the future” ~ Eckhart Tolle


Acupuncture Treatments

All Treatments are Tax Free!

facial_acupuncture-The use of very fine needles to stimulate acupuncture points. When there is disease or pain, qi (energy) flows incorrectly, in the wrong pathway or backwards due to scar tissue, physical trauma or stuck emotions. Acupuncture unblocks qi so that it can flow correctly in the pathway, allowing the body to heal itself.

Acupuncture treatments may include other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities like cupping, gua sha and moxa.


Initial Visit (90mins) – $95 (includes a health history, treatment and a treatment plan)
Follow Up (45 – 60 mins)–  $80


Cupping Therapy

cupping– The use of glass cups to create suction therapy to the fascia and muscles.  When we have tight fascia and muscles, we have tight fascia and muscles that are holding onto old blood, oxygen and lymphatic fluid. The suction stretches the muscles, bringing old blood and oxygen to the surface of the body and creating space for fresh oxygen and blood to flow through.

**An excellent treatment for muscular tension, lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

 **used in conjunction to acupuncture




A modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using the herb mugwort to stimulate acupuncture points with heat.  Great for warming sore cold muscles and joints, restoring low energy and improving cold, weak digestion.


 **used in conjunction to acupuncture




Gua Sha

Another modality of TCM which includes fascia or ligament stimulation using a rounded edge tool to break down restrictions, restore blood flow and heal tendon and ligament injuries. Can also be used to boost the immune system and and muscle relaxation.





Electrical Stimulation (E Stim)

Electrical stimulation is used for certain stubborn pain conditions and often to help induce labor and is similar to a tens unit except that is is hooked up to specific acupuncture points.  A gentle pulse through 2 needles creates a circuit to provide constant stimulation to help relax muscles and increase circulation to a stronger degree.




Herbal Medicine


Jenna also dispense Herbal and Botanical Medicines in the form of tincture or honey base.  The herbs are given in conjunction to Acupuncture Treatments to support the body’s ability to heal.




For more information read my Acupuncture Q & A, page 7 in OHW: