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Insurance Coverage

“It’s like when you climb a ladder. When you get to the fourth rung, you may think that you are on the highest step and you cannot go higher, you hold on to the fourth rung.  But in fact there is a fifth rung; if you want to get to it, you have to be willing to abandon the fourth rung”~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Extended Health Plans

Most extended health benefits plans cover acupuncture treatments and I currently offer direct billing.  The amounts can range from $100 – $1000 per  year and you can check with your insurance company directly to find out more details about your coverage. Some of the carriers of extended health benefits are Sun Life, Manual Life, Maritime Life, Green Shield and Blue Cross.

WorkSafe BC

Appointments must be pre-approved in writing from your case manager before starting a series of treatments. WCB goes case by case and sometimes a Doctors referral is required.


ICBC now offers coverage of the first 12 appointments for any appointment after April 1 2019. Treatments must begin with 12 weeks after the accident causing injury.

Medical Services Plan of British Columbia (MSP)

MSP will cover $23.00 towards each treatment if you make $28,000 per year or less. You can claim reimbursement with the issued receipts for a  maximum of ten treatments per year.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

DVA covers acupuncture treatments, however, you will require a Doctors referral and an Identification card number.  Please present both of these at the time of your first appointment in order to receive an approval number. Currently DVA will pay $94.50 per visit, for a maximum of fifteen (15) visits per year. Red Bird Acupuncture Clinic will submit online directly with your consent.