My new love – FOUNDATIONS! The 3 best exercises for less pain

After dealing with my own structural issues that resulted in mid back and neck pain and seeing so many people who deal with pain every day, I was looking for something to use in conjunction to acupuncture and TCM that helps us re-balance our spine, hips and joints.  A good friend of mine told me about her journey with the Foundation exercises and how much it helped her learn how to use her body and muscles properly on a day to day, movement to movement basis.  So I ordered the book Foundations – Redefine your core, Conquer back Pain by Eric Goodman and Peter Park”.  I love this book, it teaches us that when we don’t use our body properly we distribute weight and friction in places that cannot tolerate it and that creates arthritis, bone spurs, disc problems and muscle and joint pain.  It also includes exercises which are simple enough that anyone can do them and I noticed changes within a week of using them regularly.  They also have all the exercises available on so that you can watch and see others performing the routine. Here are 3 exercises to start off with that encourage re-balancing of the spine and joints.

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