Surrendering to Winter






As of last week, we officially moved into the season of winter.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), every season follows a cycle of energy and is related to certain organs, emotions and healthy behaviors.

Winter is a very special time of year, it is represented by the element of Water and the organs of the Kidneys and Bladder. Plants and animals hibernate, snow falls and we feel a stillness and quietude in the crisp air.  As you can see through the changes in nature, winter is a time for surrender and rest.   Autumn represents a time of letting go- when we have let go of what is not nourishing us we can make space for rest and rejuvenation.

Many people find that with winter also comes depression which is often derived from fear, fear is the emotion correlated with the Water Element and the season of winter. When fear or depression arrives it is good to take the time to acknowledge it, to say hello.  Fear is a reflection of aversion and resistance.  What are you resisting in your life? Surrender to the adaptive nature of water and go with the flow.  Give yourself permission to rest, relax, meditate and be quiet. Only when we have restored our energy can we put it into action. The virtue of the Water Element is wisdom.  Wisdom is often derived from the darkness – it is only at night that you can see the stars, so use this time to reflect and cultivate wisdom from your past experiences.  What have you learned over the years? What would you still like to learn?  As the energy of winter moves inward, focus on building your internal energy by practicing more self care and allowing your sleep pattern to reflect the natural cycle of the sun at this time (going to bed earlier and sleeping a little later).  Do what feels right for you!

Winter Health Tips
-Supplement with liquid vit D
-Supplement with Cod liver oil to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out
-Eat warm, cooked foods and stews
-Avoid cold raw foods and dairy
– Eat more ginger, cinnamon and warm spices