Water Element – Feb 25 2015 Imagine water flowing down a stream or creek, being still in a lake, or big waves in the ocean. Water can manifest as liquid, steam or ice – it can be nourishing and peaceful and it can also be destructive and not be contained. It is the most adaptive and yielding of all the elements, it goes with the flow and follows the path of least resistance. It’s energy moves deeply inward and settles in the darkest, quietest place within. It is the wise sage, the gentle philosopher, connected to the knowledge that comes from experience – from instinct and intuition. The Water Element is represented by the season of winter, the plants and animals go into hibernation to conserve and build energy stores to prepare for the renewal of spring. The yang aspect of water is a tsunami, a raging storm in the ocean or a quick moving brook – active, aggressive and full of movement. The yin aspect of water is a still lake or a gently stream – smaller bodies of water, a softer energy. The archetype of Water is the wise old sage, clever, evasive and often encourages us to look within ourselves for the answer. The Water Element is introspective, with deep thoughts and calming energy. They take in knowledge by observing and experiencing the world around them. They listen to their inner voice, their instinct and their intuition – they can seem wiser than their years. They are good at conserving energy physically and financially. They do not hoard or squander their time, money or energy and need rest and stillness to recharge. The Water Element is connected to innovations, great ideas are like spark in the darkness.

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Posted in Health and Wellness